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Seize the Moment - Interview Everywhere


Erik Bowitz | "Top 6 Talent Recruitment Trends 2014" | Resume Genius | 29 Jan. 2014 | Web

Leanne E. King | President | SeeKing HR

Seize the moment -- interview everywhere

Leanne E. King, SPHR, SeekingHR

Headquartered in San Antonio Texas, SeekingHR takes a more unconventional approach to finding new talent in creative places. Sometimes, when looking for something like quality professional talent, it pays to think outside the box.

Leanne explains,

“We interview everyone (and I mean everyone) for potential employment and we are not bashful about it.

We have interviewed our mail carrier, the waiter at one of our favorite restaurants, our neighbors in the building and even a salesman who was in our office to sell his services.”

This concept of “Guerilla recruitment” – looking for potential employees under every nook and cranny -- can be applied more traditional existing channels as well, such as job fairs or small business events.

“We will walk around an event and talk to people manning other booths, the caterers and the stage hands. You just never know how or where a talent connection may happen. “

The unconventional and relentless recruitment hunting strategies of SeekingHR has paid off, as they’ve found some of their best talent through some of the most non-traditional means. 

“One of our most successful ‘interview outreach’ efforts is interviewing with well-known and respected colleagues' children. We were able to find a three-year returning intern and an office coordinator sourcing talent through their parents.”


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