Mediation is an informal process used to resolve disputes. Mediators are trained in a variety of techniques used to open or improve the dialog between two or more parties working towards agreement. The benefits of mediation include:

  • Cost – fees are assessed by the hour and considered reasonable and significantly lower than moving the issue through legal channels.
  • Confidentiality – mediation is a confidential process and typically notes are destroyed upon resolution.
  • Control - the parties engaged in mediation retain control over the process, once the issue is brought forth to a court, the judge and/or jury take control of decision.
  • Compliance – mediated agreements are enforceable in a court of law.
  • Mutuality – two or more parties willingly engaged in mediation often result in resolution because all parties want to "move" their position.
  • Support – mediators are neutral, trained to work through difficult situations and can often broaden the range of possible solutions.

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