HR Outsourcing Services

Cost savings is the number one sited reason for outsourcing HR services. More importantly, outsourcing portions of the human resource function allow professionals to focus on more strategic efforts. HR professionals focused on business driven programs and bottom line results must be adept at identifying outsourcing solutions and guide organizations through vendor selection and the relationship. Traditional outsourcing options include:

  • Employee Handbooks
  • HR process creation
  • Job Analysis / Job Descriptions
  • Assessments
  • Recruitment
  • Compensation
  • Benefit Administration
  • Payroll Support
  • Employee Coaching
  • Outplacement Assistance
  • Training & Development

As always a business case must be made to go the route of outsourcing HR activities. Added benefits for outsourcing can:

  1. provide organizations access to specialized HR expertise not otherwise available with current staff.
  2. provide additional assistance with regulatory compliance and reduce risk to the organization.
  3. improve response times on transactional HR functions ultimately improving employee productivity and engagement.

We can help reduce time and resources spent on transactional HR issues and you can concentrate on your strategic vision. Contact us today!