Workforce Planning

Workforce planning is a process that organizations use to analyze current workforce and determine the steps necessary to formulate future staffing needs. Key considerations include internal (e.g. age of the workforce) and external factors (e.g. skill availability). Workforce planning is more than a staffing tool – it is critical to developing successful staff training and succession plans. Understanding your workforce and trends in employment can provide your organization a competitive advantage going forward.

Organizations should conduct regular and thorough workforce planning assessments so that needs can be measured, training and development goals established and contingent workforce options can be utilized to create contingent workforce options that respond to business needs.

An action oriented workforce plan will uncover:

  1. the composition and content of your workforce required to operationally run and support future business objectives.
  2. the gaps that exist between the current organization and the future state.
  3. the recruitment and training plans required to close the identified gaps.
  4. the external resources available to meet the required skills, functions or processes.

It is strongly suggested that the ultimate payoff from workforce planning is a vibrant, internal job market that transcends the boundaries between divisions and departments. Systematic planning will create a resource to mine employee data to locate talent anywhere in the organization.

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