Our long history of resolving employee and business related issues has positioned us to play a unique role in the field of mediation. Mediation is a convenient and cost effective tool available to agreeing parties in an effort to resolve issues without going through the courts.

Our services are confidential and discreet. Sessions are conducted at a neutral location by a mediator approved by both parties. Previous mediations brought to resolution include:

  • Employee Terminations
  • Employee Discipline
  • Applicant Discrimination
  • Rental Agreement Disputes
  • Service Contract Cancellations

We make every effort to provide timely and responsive guidance. Our role, as a mediator, is not to make recommendations or provide solutions. We act as a neutral third-party party to facilitate a dialog and offer a variety of communication and problem solving techniques to further the discussion. Our goal is to engage both parties in conversation to resolve the issues at hand.

Contact our team to speak with a State of Texas Certified Mediator.