Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions can be one of an organization's most important documents or its worst nightmare when it comes to employee issues.

The format, or look and feel, of a job description should reflect the culture of the organization and be written so that they are understandable and comprehensible by all levels of employees. Well written job descriptions should contain some generally accepted terms, definitions and specifications. Key identifiers include:

  1. Position Title
  2. Department/Division
  3. Working Conditions
  4. Position Summary
  5. FLSA Classification
  6. EEO Classification
  7. Salary Range
  8. Essential Functions
  9. Education
  10. Experience

Optional items for consideration may include:

  1. Fiscal Responsibility
  2. Supervisor Responsibility
  3. Assessments
  4. Software/Hardware/Computer Equipment
  5. Competencies
  6. Travel

It is highly recommended that job descriptions be reviewed annually to ensure applicability and relatedness.

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